New clients, and the expansion of knowledge

We have been lucky enough to continue to grow the business through working with new clients who span retail, technology, construction, video production and an exciting start-up food business launching in Dublin at the end of April.

Clearly all of these clients have different challenges, unique to their business and their sector, however its been interesting to be in a position to see what joins them all.

- The need for attention

- The need to grow their business through new business

- The need for clarity in their communication

- The need to inspire prospects and existing customers to do business with them

Strategic marketing embraces all of these issues and places AMG in the position of being able to recommend what's needed. And we are always learning from our clients.

The medical consultant analogy always works. We draw upon years of experience to advise on the best course of action to overcome business challenges, and to position the company for growth. 

The sector doesn't matter, as proved by the variety of clients. We are honoured to help anyone. That's why we say it's "Business class for everyone".