how to brief a design agency

Briefing a design agency

It's an unavoidable fact that the agencies that have made your short-list to receive your new project brief are most likely there because they have done some great work that impresses you, or that they come highly recommended.

It's to be expected then that such agencies are not sitting around waiting for the next stellar brief to hit their inbox, but are in the business of working on their current projects.

The challenge clients have is the expectation that once the brief has been carefully worked on, fine-tuned and perfected, the agencies will immediately be in the position to respond properly to it. Professional agencies will quickly acknowledge its receipt, and will set aside some time to digest the information.

From an agency's perspective they just want to understand the brief quickly and to assess if they are interested in responding.

This requires those that prepare the brief to:

- quickly introduce the company and the task at hand

- give the background to the project and what the business sees as the challenge

- define what success will look like (the outcome of the project)

- write with clarity, keeping it short and really focused on the work required

- clearly describe what's expected from the agency in terms of the response

- set the deadline to submit their response with an outline of what happens after

But this is the ideal scenario. 

Sometimes the brief arrives as one paragraph email with a request for outline fees. This is never taken seriously.

Sometimes the agency has to 'co-create' (or write) the actual brief for the client.

If you would like AMG's guide to helping cover off all the key points in order to produce an effective project brief, contact us and we will send you our complimentary guide.