The art of presenting

At some stage in your career, you’ll have to stand in front of a group of people and present your ideas. Ever since I heard the words “Death by PowerPoint” years ago, I decided to make a conscious decision not to risk boring people in presentations.

Having the good fortune to work with great presenters and by attending talks by some equally brilliant people, I began to build a picture of the successful elements to an engaging PowerPoint presentation delivery.

They are as follows:

  1. A clever and engaging title (if the subject matter allows)

  2. Strong imagery with a great visual impact

  3. Less words, as few as possible

  4. Humour when appropriate

  5. Video works really well - use it strategically to support your topic

  6. Share your experience and offer genuine tips/takeaways to the audience

  7. Seek audience interaction only if you are comfortable with it

  8. Know that the audience wants you to do well - they also want to be entertained

  9. Pre-talk nerves are normal and keep you sharp

  10. Be available for post presentation questions

We live in an era where TED Talks are the norm. They feature some fantastic speakers who appear to be born with the gift of standing up and presenting. I believe that they have worked hard on their skills to be able to do so. Following these tips will help with that process.

I’d be happy to review your next presentation and offer tips to improve it. Email austin@amgmarketing,ie